If you've made it here, you're someone who is considering hiring me to work for your company. Thanks for viewing the resume & portfolio, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 217-663-7285 or email mike@hagandesign.co.

About Me: Michael Hagan

Twenty years ago, I made my first website for money. It was for a small company in the town I grew up in and I was a senior in high school. I caught the bug! I went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and although I didn't study graphic design, I was a Cinema and Photography major, so I was using Photoshop and film editing software constantly. After college, I would pick up a freelance gig here and there, but really started doing it seriously about 10 years ago. These days, my time is mainly spent in Illustrator, making logos, designing typefaces, and laying out website ideas. A lot of my clients now need to be able to edit and tinker with their website long after our contract is over, so many of them use Squarespace and Wordpress, but I can still hand-code the HTML and CSS if the project warrants it. 


Roasted Toasted & Baked

I met Alex from Campus Culinary Solutions and she and some partners were opening up a food truck in Lafayette, IN. They needed help with the idea. They had a name and a menu concept, but nothing else. I gave them about 5 ideas, but we all agreed pretty quickly that the whole thing should use multiple concepts for secondary and tertiary logos, to be a system they could use. Since we're designing for everything from the side of the truck to a tiny avatar on a smartphone, most of the time one solution won't cut it. So we made a system, complete with utensil assets and a striping system using the colors we chose. The whole project can be viewed here.


Best Bet Events

I did the branding and website, as well as a little print work for Brittany about 2 years ago. A few months ago, she approached me for a website redesign because she had purchased another business and folded it into her brand as well as built an event center to hold weddings and other events. We needed to be able to bring customers interested in any of the facets of her business to one cohesive site that communicated the benefits of using Best Bet Events. I worked mainly on making it easy for clients to contact her and reserve a place on her calendar. We focused mainly on mobile because the majority of her clients are in the demographic that spends 90%+ of their web time on smartphones. View the entire project here.